People are jumping ship en masse from big tech and looking for kinder waters. Flote is a free-port social network for uncensored self-expression โ€” where members earn crypto rewards while building meaningful connections. Connect with your crew today on โœ‰๏ธDM us or email with any questions or comments ๐Ÿ“ฑFlote Android beta app ๐ŸŽAdd Flote as a browser shortcut to your iOS home screen โ“FAQ ๐Ÿ“œRules Monthly $upporters: @Colin @ZALEYEAH @Amaleah777 Team: CEO @king COO @bestalexmartin CXO @chuck_williams CCO @erin CTO @NotGovernor VP of BizDev @geo VP of Experience @lx Project Manager @mmoralic UI/UX Designer @JesusEnriquez Social Media @linnyxolou QA @rplamarche Creative Director @ashtonbirdie