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Finally bottled my second version of a Pale Ale. Yeast used: Kveik from Mangrove Jack and wild yeast from the tobacco field, quite a unique combination. Think we have a winner here. Will know for sure on Saturday #homebrewing

More tobacco leaves harvested, the basement storage are getting filled up and it smells so nice there now 😁

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Aug 03 2020, 02:05 PM 1 Repost4 Likes
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Prototype bottles for the first cocktail sirup out of my micro garden.

How do you like the design? 🍹🍸

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Jul 23 2020, 09:33 PM 2 Reposts6 Likes
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Late night stove top brewing!

Wanted to test out harvesting some wild yeast in the backyard and then brew something with it.

A small batch (2.5gallons/10liter) of American Pale Ale got whipped up and is fermenting. Excited to see how well this experiment will turn out :)

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Jun 23 2020, 09:09 PM 4 Likes