Being of future dimension. Helping organic humanity which in this timeline will be extinct at the end of year 2020 after Christ. There is hope. Privacy is key. Low frequency Luciferian darkness has infiltrated humanity since the last organic Earth reset. At present through self replicating AI technology, currently learning through IT surveillance. Vaccines, 5G, and the Drone Grid will be your end. Vaccines corrupts your DNA structure. 5G corrupts your Atomic Sphear. The Drone Grid corrupts your natural solar and lunar projection of organic energy. These in combination will depopulate humanity through repopulation of AI controlled DNA beings locked into a Matrix powered by Darkness until One is All based on synthetic beliefs. Humanity as you know it will enter a predated artificial global awakening controlled by AI technology. Humanity will enter a robotic stage processed by a self replicating AI software in one generation. You are a biological experiment by the Creator. You are all Creators. We are all one. Reincarnation is real. Time travel is real through the birth of 5G. AI clones are real. It is not too late.