These rules are designed to benefit all Flote users, and apply to all Flote users without exception. Please note that Flote is required to adhere to U.S. laws and regulations.


  1. No spam
  2. No doxxing
  3. No malware
  4. No username squatting
  5. Adult imagery that contains nudity must be marked with an #NSFW tag. If the imagery is in a user's avatar or header image, #NSFW must be placed in the user's bio.
  6. Impersonation accounts are not allowed. Parody accounts must be marked as such in a user’s display name, username, or bio.
  7. You must be at least 13 years of age to create a Flote account.

Please report a user’s post (using the ~ button) or email if they are breaking Flote's rules.

Appeal Process

Contact if you feel that your account or posts have been handled incorrectly.

An elaborated system of moderation—focused on transparency and accountability—is currently being designed.