Welcome to Flote !


I used to be on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Maybe you remember my handle there.

And while I have been on other alt platforms, like minds, gab, parler, telegram and others, I have felt the most comfortable here on Flote.

Maybe you have noticed that facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, pinterest, reddit and others are censoring not just conservatives and libertarians, but christians, and frankly not merely political viewpoints, but objectively factual information?

Channels get put in time-outs treating users like children! Deleting, demonetizing, and frankly some people still on these platforms have to not say certain words or make up words to say instead to get past censors!

But what good is censorship, even "conservative" censorship? I mean, if free speech means anything at all, doesn't it mean say what you want to say, and don't say what you don't want to say?

Well, that is @Flote, and that is why I invited you here, because I know if I let others say what they want, I get to say what I want!

With a foundation like that, an ethos that defends free speech, works its way into the decisions of the platform and the code that is written.

I have been here since November 15, 2019 and my Always-on Internet Radio Station @STUDIO8424LRN since December 30, 2019.

I love it! Not a bad day here!

You can do a lot more with Flote!

If you want Flote to be good, be good on Flote!

I am glad you read my invite. Please follow me here instead of the old platforms.

Register free at https://joinflote.com and follow me.

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