I move a fair bit of product through online #retail sites. One of my 2020 Resolutions was to not allow myself to get agitated about customer returns. Sure, there are always scammers out there who want something for nothing, but that moral failure is on them. This week I exchanged numerous messages with a fellow who bought a used motherboard and processor from me. He claimed that there was a problem with some of the DIMM slots, which seemed odd as it had functioned fine while I had it installed in my computer. After much troubleshooting and messaging, I decided to give him a full refund and let him keep the item, even though he hadn't asked for that. He wrote back with extreme gratitude for my consideration, noting that he was 80 years old, surviving on SSI income, and was just trying to upgrade his 16-year old computer with newer parts. I'm so glad I didn't give him a hard time as I might have in the past. Let's lean in to #kindness wherever we can in 2020.

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