Establish your crypto bank

Here on @Flote, they currently provide everyone a crypto wallet, complete with your very own Bitcoin Address, QR code, and they connect it to your @handle.

What this means, is that if you fund your account, you can begin to trade BTC for products, services or support of other users.

You might even receive crypto from others as Tips, Superchats, or subscriptions.

Of course, everybody wants to get paid, most do not have the ability to pay.

So here is my recommendation:

Fund your Flote account!

Set up a regular monthly amount you put in your Flote Bitcoin Wallet!

This is not paying Flote- if you want to do that, send money to @Flote! but instead, pay yourself- to your own ID.

Since you are simply funding your own account, this is not Income- but merely a xfer from one account to another!

Now, YOU ALONE decide how often you can afford to fund your account, and how much you put in the account.

It is not without risk- the price of bitcoin does fluctuate relative to fiat currency.

But if you manage it, I would recommend eventually work your way up to about $1000/worth (in USD) of BTC.


Because making a money xfer from fiat to BTC relative to each purchase you make is tedious. You also do not want a direct correlation between BTC purchases and USD. One day, you will simply transact in BTC and no longer operate in the Banking System! Work towards this goal!

There are other Wallets, and other crypto and you take more or less risk with each, but at least Flote gives you a starting point.

Then, when @Studio8424 and others have services or support you would like to participate, you will be able to! And you will be able to be paid by others for things you provide.

Many people offer subscriptions that are monthly, and instead of worrying about having the funding, you could simply deposit enoughh money to cover the year, in your account and then some, so you could participate. Remember, it's your money- not the government's. When you convert to BTC and other Fiat you are escaping the system.

Learn to live a life in crypto and take charge of your life and finances. If you can get paid by a job, in crypto, do it!

*Studio8424* is not a crypto authority, there are many who know more than we do and have more experience. Of course Buyer Beware! Just as not everything in USD or other Fiat is legit, the same is true in Crypto, so do your research and diligence.



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