The Old Bait & Switch: COVID-19 "New Cases" & "Record Cases" Are Just Baseless Fear-Mongering

So, according to the current count (from Worldometers), the USSA has 11,021,049 "cases" of the Rona so far.

The most of any country in the world.

Second place is India, with 8,773,243 "cases."

That means that India has 79.6% the number of cases as the USSA.

But the number of "cases" is a direct result of the number of tests given, right? (For this experiment we are going to ignore the SO SO many flaws with the use of PCR for diagnosis, and the outright fraud admitted to around these "case" numbers) So, how many tests have these two countries given?

USSA: 164,367,862 tests

India: 123,101,739 tests

Ok, so India has administered 74.89% the number of tests that the USSA has. That sure seems close the the same as the difference in "cases," doesn't it?

Let's look at what portion of their slaves each of these syndicates has tested:

USSA: 164,367,862 tests out of 331,716,877 population = 49.55% of population tested.

India: 123,101,739 tests out of 1,384,974,946 population = 8.88% of population tested.

Think the USSA actually has more people with that RNA in their system than India does?

Yes, to be clear, these "positive" results are for a strand of RNA, which may or may not be related to sars-cov-2 infection. They are in no way indicative of COVID-19 (disease with symptoms), or anything else. Just fraud & fear-mongering.

Back many many months ago, there was a clear differentiation between "positive tests" and COVID-19 cases. They were also intentionally not testing people, and telling people to assume they had it if they got the flu.

The ONLY people being tested for months were those hospitalized (because that's how the hospitals got the increased $$), and that allowed them to spin the narrative that this was some extremely harmful and deadly disease. Once the masses accepted that narrative, they started testing more and more people (more tests in the USSA every week now than in all of March - May)

This allows them to keep announcing "record cases," and people think that means a record amount of illness, hospitalization, and deaths... which means more fear, better sales numbers for their injections, and more willingness from the masses to give up their freedoms.


This breakdown from the Swiss Policy Research Group goes into just some of the biggest issues with the use of PCR as a diagnostic tool:

If you start using some basic search terms like "PCR inaccuracy," "PCR false positive," "PCR false negative," "Paw Paw test positive for COVID," or just reading through any of the documents from the CDC, WHO, or other organized crime pharmaceutical cartels, you'll see that they have been very open & honest about the low quality of these tests and the fact that a positive result in no way indicates current (or any) infection with sars-cov-2.

To be clear - DO NOT read articles by "fact checkers" or other paid shills: look at the actual documents from those agencies, and you will see that the media is the only one selling these lies - they don't match up to the science in any way.


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