New big project: Optic Advertising Network

Most ad networks rely entirely on tracking users and demanding their attention. However, this leads to frustrated users, and annoyed customers. Instead, many companies, like have started using ethical advertising systems that are unobtrusive and don't track users. These are great changes, and they benefit advertisers, publishers, and users alike. However, all existing ethical ad networks either have specific pre-requisites that limit what sites they can be used on, or are entirely closed and don't let anyone from the outside use them. Thats where Optic comes in! Of course Optic, and V0LT in general is extremely small scale, so Optic most likely won't get off the ground, but it will still be there as a functioning proof of concept. Instead of distracting, colorful, flashy ads, Optic ads will fit in fluidly with the rest of the content on a web page, off to the side where the user can see them, but isn't interrupted and annoyed by them. I believe that this benefits advertisers as well as users and publishers, since customers will maintain higher reputation of the groups who's ads they see shown in an ethical and respectful way.

Due to its small scale nature, Optic isn't really geared towards large scale companies. It's more focused on helping other small projects, similar to V0LT, stay afloat. As I've said multiple times, V0LT makes nearly no money off any projects since they are almost always free, and never have ads in them. Using ethical ads could help keep V0LT move in place of donations. This is the inspiration behind Optic. Even though V0LT won't be able to take advantage of the system to earn revenue, other small scale groups hopefully can.

Dec 04 2019, 07:09 PM
Reply to @V0LTTech