Well Sir,

(My Grandfather used to say “Well sir” when he didn’t know exactly what to say.)

Hey, I’m so glad we’re now connected on Linkedin.

As you may know, I’ve been in the advertising business since 1987.

I got into the business because I used to own a couple of retail shoe stores.

And I had to advertise. But for the life of me, I DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO SAY to make my ads effective.

I used to get a knot in the pit of my stomach when I knew the ad rep from the TV or Newspaper or Radio was due to show up tomorrow at 2 P.M.

In fact, I used to have to go on an hour-long walk before the media rep showed up. I would argue with myself about whether or not to spend all that money in advertising.

I knew I SHOULD advertise to get new business... but what do I say?

It was tormenting. So, I started to read every advertising book I could find at the library and buy every advertising book I could find at Barnes and Noble.

Then... I started to talk to “Advertising Agencies”. And they basically said “Mr. Austin, if you spend enough money in advertising, we’ll help you spend it.”

They were kinda useless. They did NOT know what to say or how to approach advertising.

After a while, I knew more about advertising than they did. They did not have any books in their office about advertising techniques. Can you believe it?

Along about 1987 I got divorced from a woman who had lots of problems. She got the equity in the 5 houses we owned and the equity in the retail business.

I got a 5-gallon bucket of pennies and my old red, chevy pick-up truck and “my mind”. So I won.

Naturally, since I finally knew a bit “direct response” advertising... I quickly and easily pick up a few advertising clients.

Since those days I’ve been creating advertising (online folks call it “CONTENT”) that has generated millions of dollars in new sales and profits.

I’ve been called one of America’s top 10 copywriters. I base all my advertising on two BIG ideas:



Most ads, web sites, emails and marketing efforts do not really “serve” the prospect with anything, much less the information, testimonials, story-appeal, guarantees, “reasons why”, etc. needed, to get them to buy and buy NOW.

And, most ads, web sites, emails, and marketing efforts are certainly starved for “benefits”.

Oh, they might list some features of whatever-it-is they are selling. But “benefits”… NO… most ads are too lazy to outline benefits.

So, I spend my time on Linkedin trying to preach to anyone who will listen... that they need preach BENEFITS, BENEFITS, BENEFITS.

For example; no one buys the “paint” on a car... but everyone BUYS the beauty of the car.

(Paint is a feature, Beauty is the benefit.)

No one “buys” a drill bit, but they “buy” a hole in the wall.

(The drill bit IS a feature, the hole in the wall or door, is the real benefit.)

ONE MORE THOUGHT: It’s important: Advertising and marketing are not the only things that make a business hum along smoothly. There's management of time, employees, vendor relations, customer loyalty. There's the creation of systems and procedures so that you can turn your business into a "money-making machine" freeing up your time. There's accounting, capital structure, written business and marketing plans. And let's not forget the VITAL importance of DAILY checking the numbers to see who's winning in this game; accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory control, cost of goods, bank and credit card reconciliations, etc.

As you can see, I’ve been at this for years.

Yes, I write copy, but I can also be persuaded to sign up with you as your business coach.

I can be like a “one-man board of directors”… giving you a fresh set of highly trained business eyeballs.


Below is my phone number. I can do skype too.

Feel free to call me most anytime, to chat about your business, your marketing or how crazy life can be.

Sincerely yours,

Linwood Austin

PHONE: 801-895-9598

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