Fighting the Canadian Media Crackdown

The Canadian government has recently considered a proposal to require all Canadian media to be licensed by the government. The proposal has been rejected for now, but how long can independent media continue to function in the increasingly draconian Canadian police state? @DanDicksPFT joins us to discuss the issue.


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In the USA there isn't even lip service of a free press. They are openly going after an innocent journalist for doing nothing other than telling the truth about government actions. Canada has no freedom of speech, but neither do the USA or UK. I think free speech died in the "free world" at least a decade ago.

Mar 02 2020, 07:28 AM
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I support you 100%, James, and I also support what you both are talking about here.

That said, Dan is a phony anarchist, a sellout, and a profiteer. He supports the governments fake cannabis "legalization" and endorses legal corporate monopolists who pay to keep their competition (the free market) illegal. He knows better but takes a paycheck and empowers the state he claims to oppose.

Mar 02 2020, 07:03 AM