Burning Bibles or A Bigger Picture?

Tucker Carlson doing his job as Gatekeeper/propaganda agent.

I was sent a link to a video of Tucker Carlson with a guest author, Eric Metaxas. It pains me to have to break this down but here goes.

1) Carlson using the term, "Wuhan Corona Virus" implies settled knowledge of the origin of this Covid mess.

2) EVERYTHING this tool talks about is framed by the two party paradigm so it allways comes down to "This is happening because the left..." His job is to keep all the toys in that sandbox. Case in point here, "The left despise christians because they don't vote for them". What a juvenile, myopic perspective. Cue up bitch slap here.

3) Carlson says christianity limits the excesses of the state.....Uh, well, it is SUPPOSED TO but 99% of these social club/corporations are effectively nothing more that state churches. THEY ARE NO THREAT TO THE STATE, THEY PERPETUATE IT. Go to church and praise god then go home and get a marriage license making the state party to your union with your spouse and granting the state ownership of the fruits of that union, that means your children. Then, make sure you pay taxes, send your kids to public indoctrination camps, vote for some lying scumbag in the Illusion of Choice game show etc....Yeah, the church limits the excess of the state??!

4) Eric Metaxas then says the state is threatened by people who "say" they have a god who is a higher authority than the state. NO. THEY. ARE. NOT. They see that 99% of these people equate their "christianity" with their "patriotism" in some twisted, non sensical mash-up and effectively perpetuate the state control grid.

Metaxas goes on to encourage christians to push back but show me the real Christians that will define with their life choices what that push back really looks like outside of state church drivel.

These state churches are a joke. They are indeed "non essential" to Christ. They are in fact, essential tools of the government and the way many of them fold to governor's mandates proves it.

The non esential classification of "churches" is a test to see which ones will actually stand up to the state but its also another inside joke among the script writers of this psychological operation called Covid 19.

Some churches may resist but why?

A dissenting church could be resisting the do not gather orders for fear of revenue loss. Other churches may actually see the absurdity and really sense that things are getting real but under normal circumstances they still teach animating this beast system through paying taxes, sending children to public indoctrination camps etc.

Ultimately these churches are 501(c)3 tax exempt corporations that are controlled by the state. As push comes to shove they are finding out who is in control. They have been all along, anticipating this time.

So here the state is shoving aggressively to see who will stand and who will fold.

How many "christians" will dig deep and make real changes in where their allegiance lies?

How many anyones will stand on principles of freedom from tyranny?

How many will check a box in a poll on Facebook about burning bibles and think they did their part?

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I suppose not sharing the video I ranted about may leave readers without some context but, really the points made here should be clear regardless. If anyone wants to see the video I wont share a YT link but you can go there and search,

Bonus: Christianity Seems to be Under Attack in America | Eric Metaxas on Tucker Carlson Tonight.



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