Anarcho Rebel Connection Report 2020-08-12

# Anarcho Rebel Connection

By Sick Mick

## Saturday 1st August 2020

### COVID-19 Update

Victoria had another record number of new positives in 24 hours, 723 on Friday morning and as of this morning, they had another 397. Which is a dramatic reduction from yesterdays number.

Now everyone is panicking and Dictator Andrews is talking about going to stage 4 lock down

Some of the misbehaviour from yesterday in Victoria

Victorian Police (Hired Government Thugs) Minister Lisa Neville highlights some of the misbehaviour of people under lockdown from the past day

Some examples include

Driving from Melbourne to Wodonga for a Big Mac

Driving from Melbourne to Ballarat for "fresh air"

Travelling from Werribee to Springvale for groceries

Also, there were $1,652 fines handed to people for holding Airbnb parties

She says people were still going to brothels

The Police Minister says: "That is appalling and unacceptable and does need to stop."

Queensland locked its borders to NSW again! But more specifically to travellers from the “greater Sydney area”, and will be turned away, along with anyone from Victoria.

Dictator Palaszczuk (Palashay) says the number 1 thing is “to keep Queenslanders safe”. Has someone told her you can’t stop the flu?

1 new case in Queensland

12 active cases

1084 confirmed cases

549,547 tested conducted

6 deaths

1066 recovered

NSW records 17 new cases

0 new cases in ACT

1 new cases in South Australia

1 new case in NT

Australia passes the 200 deaths mark. As it stand, we are 201 deaths in Australia from COVID-19

In this story from ABC, they basically right off Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as being an effective treatment for COVID-19. They never mention that it is an anti-viral drug. Once someone is fully affected by COVID-19, it is useless. This is known.

They also never mention any stats from the tropical countris where this is widely used for treatment of malaria, and how the deaths rates in these countries from COVID-19 is way lower.

The key is, that this is a preventative type measure, or an early stage treatment. It reduces the viral load on the body, when one becomes infected with COVID-19.

This is not a vaccine and has never claimed to be that. But if you look at the stats, it is most certainly a death prevention measure. So why is there not more attention being paid to this, and not being trialled more widely to atleast try to prevent people getting sick, or reduce the severity of the cases, as a pre-symptomatic treatment?

And then to boot, they finish the article, right at the bottom with a quote from Derek Lowe (a “long-time drug discovery researcher and author of In The Pipeline. A long running science blog on The Science Translational Medicine website, no link provided) who said “Most of the drugs that scientists develop for everything form cancer to coronaviruses, simply do not work. They fail.

Snake Plissken: Are they for real? Is this an indicator that no one should be waiting on a vaccine, because it will not work?

Global Research Canada website has publish and article linked below titled: The Media Sabotage of Hydroxychloroquine use for COVID-19:Doctors Worldwide protest the disaster.

Dr Bruce Dale’s article can be found on the link below.

This table tells it all man…

## Sunday 2nd August 2020

### COVID-19 Update

Victorian Stage 4 restrictions will be coming into force

Community transmission is highlights

They are not finding the source of transmissions

Aged care residents are mostly affected, and half the deaths are from nursing homes

Apparently too many who are infected are not staying homelessMore stricter restrictions on businesses

NSW remains steady with on average 10 to 15 new cases per day for the last two weeks

### Bitcoin

It is sitting at $11,761 USD at the moment, and did hit a high of $11,845 in the last 24 hours. $16866 in Australian dollars on Coinspot.

## Monday 3rd August 2020

### COVID-19 Update

New Victorian lock down is in place

Channel 9 does not mention the price of gold, only says that it has gone up. ABC did do this in the past and it looks like it is Alan Kohler’s son who is reporting for Channel 9!

Victoria, 6 weeks of curfew, 8pm to 5am!

NSW see drastic new update in masks as of today.

Are people scared of the virus, or how the lock-down will impact them financially!

Here we go Dr Norman Swan Dr Fear.


Level 3 brought the R0-1.16

Cant say new measure were not necessary

Masks kicking in may take it to R0 to 1.

Finally not more fines (theft by government) but consultation with community on best communication methods to community to make sure the message gets through. Finally some common sense approach which does not involve government theft of your hard earned dollars!

ooh dr coatsworth is on.

Remarkable differences between nsw and victoria

good reason to hope for a vaccine!!!

construction will slow down in Victoria, possible many small businesses will go under. Stage 4 comes into effect today.

### Housing

Here is Alan Kohler

Four Corners tonight, is on 5G!!!!!

Is it China, wanting 5G dominance?

Is it a military bioweapon?

Mullimbimby, counterculture capitalisation. Telstra wanted to upgrade the tower during the pandemic. A law was passed by local council to stop it.

Telstra has a 5G technology centre on the Gold Coast

Revolution in IOT, the smart city, safety and emission benefits…

millimetre waves must be used, but they cannot travel as far. More cell towers will be installed in CBD areas, on street corners.

RF radiation is the concern.

Now they are showing the concerns over microwaves, radio waves when they radio first came out, and I think are dispelling the fears.

Dr Rodney Croft is saying radio is basically the same as 4G radio waves….He is from wolongong university and runs tests on humans exposed to radio waves and tests meory etc, to see if it is has any adverse health effect

No changes in brain cancer

More radiation from more antennas

Tests comapring 4G vs 5G is finding very smiliair levels, and the levels are exceedingly smal compared to the guideleines.

A lab in melbourne is testing

Ionising radiation causes many health effects

Where as radio frequency radiation is non-ionising and does not cause cell effects, as said by Malcolm Sim

WHO carcinogen in humans groupings

Group 1 Carcinogenic

Alcohol tobacco

Group 2

Red meat and hot drinks?>?

Group 2B is mobile phone radiation

There is not universal agreement over this grouping. No research is required to determine this classification.. spurious association….????

CMO for Australia says 5G has nothing to do with Coronavirus?? Say what?

Paul Fletcher minster for communications and Cyber Safety, say sall this is misinformation

All this damages the economy etc, says uni qld. Original tweet came from Russia tweet which is linked to RT russia today.

Also Global Reearch they say, which has a pro kremlin line…

These claims are generated by hostile governemtnets or this that have a motive to create instability . Fletcher says this is highly likely but will not say which state actors are behind this disinformation or misinformation around 5G.,

Huawei CCO Jeremy.. was on as well. He says, Huawei was the leader of 5G out of all manufacturers.

Turnbull commenting on this. China could disrupt our infrastructure and economic activities. Can the US not do this now through Cisco????????????????????????????????????????????? DO their devices not have backdoors????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

“High risk vendors”

Australia was the first country to ban Huawei from installing back end communications. Turnbull bowed to US pressure to not allow Huawei into Australia. Turnbull claims it was concern raised to US, not the other way. We were not directed or advised to not allow Huawei in.

China! TCHina! Donald Trump style

#Anarcho Rebel Connection

## Wednesday 5th August 2020

### COVID-19 Update

Gladys announced quarantine not required for travellers from Victoria, entering NSW at Sydney Airport. This was the advise of the Federal Health Medical Office apparently.

Then, in the afternoon, she announced that this would change, and quarantine for 14 days at a hotel, at your expense was compulsory.

Queensland announced they will shut to border to all people from NSW, ACT (has had 0 new cases for a while now???) as well as Victoria. Including Queenslanders! Note, there is a Queensland election not far around the corner.

The largest number of people testing positive are in their 20’s. Could it be because these are the ones out the most that have to do face to face jobs?

## Key Kovid Updates

* US Secretary of Health and Human Services to visit Taiwan in coming days angers Beijing

* Vietnam has a new outbreak

* Switzerland is close to signing a new vaccine purchase contract with Moderna

* Russia records another new 5,000 infections, nationwide tally is now 866,627

* Poland records a record rise for the 4th time in a week

* Phillipines goes back into lockdown trying to contain the virus

* WHO sent a scientific team to TSSSCHINA to investigate the origins of KOVID-19

More information on these stories can be found [here](

Check out the Sweden figure, looks like it is starting to flatten.






More detailed information can be found on the ABC news website [here](

## Thursday 6th August 2020

### COVID-19 Update

* Stage 4 restrictions are set to run for 6 weeks at least

* Dan Andrews has been very clear saying that the coppers will issue fines (steal from you/extort you) if you do not have a “lawful” reason for being outside your home.

* Will this stage 4 disease spread to NSW? Time will tell.

* Childcare is being shutdown in Victoria. Dan Dictator Andrews is going all out. Parents are finding it tough. Childcare centres are struggling to stay afloat.

* The Government is urging the centres to forgoe the gap fee (the government subsidises the fee, and the parents pay the gap).

* Employers will now be susceptible to 20 years jail if one of their employees catch the COVID -19

* Childcare centres cannot sack staff but casual staff can have their hours drastically reduced.

* Something not mentioned are the suicides this year. About 3,000 australians die each year from suicide. Suicide is the leading cause of death between 15 and 44 year olds.

* Government denies that the robodebt scheme (automated welfare debt recovery scheme) was the cause of many suicides in Ausralia. More info here.

It is projected that the coronavirus response will cost 3.3% of GDP this year and 6.1% of GDP next year. And state spending has increased 10.6% of GDP. More information here.

It is forecast that Australian suicide rate will rise by 50% due to the economic and social impacts of the COVID-19 Government imposed house arrest and business closures or throttling (lockdown), and tipped to outstrip the plandemic deaths by 10 times. As reported in the Australian. More information can be found here.

### And to the Debt Clocks!





## To the markets!

### Gold and Silver Pricing

* Gold and silver are absolutely shining, which is good to see.

* Gold USD = $2053 per ounce (Has not been this high, ever!)

* Gold AUD = $2857 per ounce (Has not been this high, ever!)

* Silver USD = $27.98 per ounce

* Silver AUD = $38.96 per ounce

* AUD = $0.71814 USD

* BTC $11702.00 USD

* Monero is at $89.47 USD

* Monero/BTC cross 0.00764578

* Tapis Crude Oil (Malaysia) = $45.65

* Cossack Crude Oil (Australia) = $44.76

Gold has hit a new all time high in Australia at $2854, and silver is getting close to cracking the $40 dollar mark, currently sitting at $38.98.


The gold charts below:



##The Kryptonix!

### Top ten chart from CoinGecko below:

* Bitcoin has remained buoyant, above $11k US now hovering at around $11,702 USD.

* Market capitalisation of the Kryptonix market is sitting at just above $360 Billion Dollars, up about $27 Billion Dollars since Wednesday 29th July 2020

* BTC market dominance sitting at 59.9%

* Monero, not in the chart, sitting at 16th position has also had a nice rally bouncing 12.7% over the last 7 days, now sitting at $88.42USD, up around $7 over the last 7 days



## Friday 7th August 2020

### COVID-19 Update

* The QLD will close its borders this evening at 1:00AM. NSW and ACT a re barred and QLD residents will be forced to quarantine at their own cost.

* Edlerly people were forced off the bus as they were trying to get home as they were refused entry into QLD.

* Up to 70 minutes delays are expected at the border

* SloMo pledges if Australia finds the vaccine, we will share it!

* 11 deaths in Victoria, another 450 cases. 7 of the deaths were from Aged Care facilities.

* Conflicting stories about when a vaccine will be available? How can this be when it usually takes 18 months or more to safely develop a vaccine?

### But again, lets check the facts

According to a story published on the ABC news website, 310,000 Australians were hospitalised last year (2019). The story also goes on to say there were over 900 deaths were linked to influenza in Australia.

They also say that vaccines only last 3 to 6 months, and that longer lasting vaccines are a long term solution. But how can you create this when the virus changes? This, is a medical falacy.

More information on this story can be found in the link [here](

## Saturday 8th August 2020

### COVID-19 Update

I was very proud Aussie to watch this top bloke Dave Oneegs, going off on the BookFace! I first saw this via Max Igan of The Crowhouse. Big thanks to Max Igan for bringing it to light! Dave Oneegs video can be seen [here](

And Daves part 2 video which is a must watch so you can know where he is coming from. His second video can be viewed [here]( I will also be posting them on D.TUBE, Flote.App and LBRY just in case they get taken down.

I am going to leave you with a funny thought from one of Australia’s most notorious and infamous underworld figures, Mark “Chopper” Read or Uncle Chop Chop. See how he reacts when he is door knocked and is encouraged to download and install the “COVIDSafe” App [here](

### We shall see where it takes us. Some exciting times ahead

Peace and love to all you cool cats out there.

Be your own Bank, The Government won't save you.

De-calcify your pineal gland, & stop drinking that fluoridated water.

How good is it to wake up and smell the coffee sunshine?

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