The Problem is Neither Cop, Nor King. The Problem is the Badge, the Throne.

Give someone the power to tell others what to do, the power to use force, fraud, and coercion against them, without repercussions. What do you think will happen?

Give a bunch of young men, indoctrinated in government schools to revere authority & obedience, guns, badges, and "immunity" from responsibility for their actions. What do you think will happen?

It doesn't matter if we're talking about a king claiming his *divine right* or a president claiming that they have power because people checked a box.

Any interaction that is not voluntary & consensual, is wrong.

What's the difference between rape & sex?

What's the difference between charity & taxes?


The "State" is the exact opposite of consent; it is a group of people claiming that they hold the monopoly on violence in an area, because at some time in the past, someone somewhere consented to it.