Anarcho Rebel Connection Report 2020-08-15

Anarcho Rebel Connection

By Snake Plissken

Wednesday 12th August 2020

COVID-19 Update

OMG. I cannot believe. I was watching the ABC 730 Report, and guess what? They are doing a 3 part special on what Australia will look like in 2025!!! Link to part 1 of the story here( The second part of the story can be streamed here(

After the document from what I witnessed from Max Igan, which is available for everyone to download . The Link is here( And also the BBC story / animation on their website detailing what things will be like on 2025. Note, this was published on the 6th August 2020.

So, what? Have they already planned that this will last for 5 years? What the hell is going on?

The whole 730 report was about coronavirus! The economic stimulus. The safety of the vaccine with someone from a Uni/Hospital in the UK. They were stating that there is no need to worry about the vaccine and how it has been fast tracked and lack if testing, it will be fine basically. Just trying to quell any opposition that the public may have been hearing in relation to the vaccine.

Lookup infrastructure Partnerships Australia's. . Detail at this website show where infrastructure spending is being directed to.

In Victoria, another 19 passed away ranging from 50 years old to their 90’s. Vaccine 12 to 18 months away. Universal mask wearing, changed human behaviour, says Professor Brett Hutton, Chief Fear Monger Officer.

Baseline restrictions and mask wearing for years????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Broadcasters have exemptions to not wear masks for deaf people to read lips during propaganda broadcasts.

Auckland goes into lock down again after 4 cases. WTF!

NSW hit a high of 22 and they say we are on a knife edge”.. ooooh scary. They also say that phrase is very appropriate! Are they serious!!!

Listen to these fear mongering of these propagandists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They say “and that is just the official tally”. Implying there could be more out there. Listen to the language these fools are using.

Well everyday is just the official tally. Is it not.

In NSW, an outbreak at Tangara Girls School. 17 people, 11 students.

Gladys announced today that she is considering making masks mandatory in NSW? How can she when she doesn’t have the mandate to do so!

Victoria death toll overnight was 21, over 400 new cases.

Friday 14th August 2020

COVID-19 Update

NSW State Govt enquiry into the Ruby Princess findings get handed down today.

In Melbourne, Victorian Government will take over and provide staff at 3 nursing homes, as the nursing homes are not coping to control the outbreak amongst the elderly.

For Thursday: New infections are 278 and 8 deaths on Thursday. 37 are in intensive care.

For today, 372 new cases, 14 deaths overnight.

They say numbers are now coming down in Victoria.

Epidemiologist says its looking really good now. We have turned the corner and daily numbers are dropping.

R0 target of 0.5 will see new cases halving.

Sydney has done a good job of managing it. Andrew Constance says they are willing to make masks mandatory. Professor from Deakin University says is only really necessary in known hot spots where community spread.

Australian tourism industry took $12 Billion dollar hit. Federal tourism minister urged people to book local holidays.

WA emergency bill passed to prevent Clive Palmer claiming $30 billion in damages

Israel and U.A.E have agreed to normalise diplomatic relations. They have put the relations with US and Israel ahead of the Palestinian cause. This was a change in policy in which they put the Palestinian cause above their relations with the US and Israel.

U.A.E says, “We did this to help Palestinians”. Israel said it would cancel annexation of the West Bank so that ties can be formed with U.A.E. Israel said they will cancel.

Then after the meeting in Hebrew, Bebe Netanyhu announced that no, annexation of the West Bank is still on the table. Reported by ABC News Correspondent in Israel.

At 9:00AM ABC changes the wording to “Israel agrees to temporarily postpone the annexation of the West Bank”. A bit of a change in language there wouldn’t you say?

The Palestinians are furious and feel betrayed by the U.A.E.

All of the above was reported by the ABC Mornings team Friday 14th August 2020.

NZ COVID OUTBREAK, says quarantine breach was to blame? Entry by sea or air. Will find out today if lock down will be extended.

Gold $1953 USD

Aussie Dollar $0.715 US Cents


WHO says up to $100 Billion Dollars will need to be spent on new tools! The vast majority of people remain susceptible. I will dig up this video, to get all the details. The president of the W.H.O did mention $10 Trillion dollars, in the news grab, but I did not get in relation to what.

Peace and love to all you cool cats out there.

Be your own Bank, The Government won't save you.

De-calcify your pineal gland, & stop drinking that fluoridated water.

How good is it to wake up and smell the coffee sunshine?

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Remember, everything is gonna be alright

Don’t worry, be happy. Be positive.

I’m out!

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