Have you noticed our channel up in the right hand corner of your desktop while on @Flote?

What is the Title?

#FloteCaster Updates

Hey, that's YOU!

Or have you noticed it listed on the Who's Live on Flote list? https://flote.app/explore/live

Maybe you visited it directly here: https://flote.app/STUDIO8424LRN/live/info

What is @STUDIO8424LRN ?

Think of it like Internet Channel 3 where all the community ads were on your cable system lo these many years ago, Or imagine it will become the Guide for all the livestream times on @Flote.

For now, it sells weekly ads, that rotate on a loop, from various channels who want all of @Flote #floters to know when they will be #live generally, on a regular basis. It will provide information about your program, what its about, what other social / alt-social networks you are featured, and really anything else useful about your channel- even how to contribute to your program!

All in a nice 1280 x 432 x 300dpi sized window you can make in Gimp ot your favorite graphics program, as PNG or JPG. These layouts are subject to change, call it our 1.0 layout. When we have enough we will indeed offer a grid layout with times, not too unlike your TV system.

All the while, it rebroadcasts the always on audio stream of LRN, the Liberty Radio Network, all day, all night, so there is always something interesting to listen to while checking out the channel for updates.

All you do, is send us your ad, directly to:

adnet@studio8424.com Subject: @STUDIO8424LRN AD

If we approve your SAFE FOR WORK ad, then we will send our approval and ask for payment to be received by the Wednesday prior to your first week.

You decide how long in weeks, you want the ad to run, multiply by $5.00USD and send payment in the latest BTC exchange rate in Flote or send money via CASH APP https://cash.app/$Studio8424

If you want all Week 6 through Week 26, we discount the normal $105 down to $99.00USD.

Pretty simple really. It will be dropped into the rotation for as many weeks as purchased. If you need to make some infrequent changes now and then, we will swap your changed ad from the original, in the following week onward.


We think so.

For the price of a coffee per week, you keep people on @Flote informed about your livestream schedule and other info.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Get it in free in January through week 5.

The price holds through the end of Week 26.

We have a goal of our first 100 paid ads.

We know you have questions! Send to:

adnet@studio8424.com Subject @STUDIO8424LRN AD

Let's Go!

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