#Welcome to @Flote, new #Floters!

Last Updated: 20191212 @markrwatson

Hello and #welcome from myself, @markrwatson and dba @Studio8424.

While we are relatively new here ourselves, we have found https://flote.app to be a very enjoyable social media experience. One reason, it is new, less than a year old and still very much in development. This gives you, a new #Floter the chance to input suggestions and ideas of your own to Flote!

(We recommend looking back at previous feature requests and other items. More on this later.)

It also provides a new group of people, some you might know from other platforms, including ex-tubers, soon-to-be-ex-tubers, and those brand new to social media. Regardless their varied interests, generally they seem friendly and many will help you out. In this, it is similar to the Gab Welcome Committee. In this case, staff are involved as well, @erinnakamoto is the Community driver here.

Flote, as of this notice, does not yet have a video recording and upload facility, but it DOES have RTMP live stream support. So when doing live streams, if you record them, upload after the stream is finished at a popular location- say @BitChute, #Brighteon, #PeerTube or others and post the link to it here. See our profile for how we do things for some ideas. We call live-streams exclusive to Flote, or that promote Flote, #FloteCast.

Follow to be followed. So far, we get about 10%+/- of our following count, following us back. We hit 100 somewhere around 850.

Refer others to Flote, help build the community online and in real life.

Download OBS and get to steppin’ into Live Streaming. It’s fun, and a big reason why we came to be #Floters.

Post, ask questions, have fun. Practice your FREE SPEECH while you still have it!

Some Floters receive or solicit for donations or sell merch to help grow their video production. This is voluntary to do, not required. However some channels offer a portion of their content only to subscribers.

Crypto is big here.

Enjoy Flote -ing above the #LegacySocials.




dba @Studio8424

Ps. Say hello to @Flote @king and @erinnakamoto. They run the place!