What is Ball Run?

Ball Run was the first 3D game developed by V0LT. It was developed in Unity, and was probably the first "real" program developed by V0LT, in that it didn't require a complex method to get it up and running. The user could simply download the application and run it! The only other V0LT game that did this previously was "Hackers" though this game was extremely glitchy and unpolished, to the point where it barely counts as a game. Ball Run on the other hand had a fully fledged level progress system, point tracker, physics engine, and save and load system.

Originally, Ball Run was compatible with MacOS and Windows, though support for Linux was quickly added later. A ways down the road, so to speak, Android support was also added to the game, though this was much more complex than adding Linux support, as it required a rework of the entire way the user controls the game. However, after considerable effort, all four versions of the game work in a relatively smooth fashion. iOS support is also supported, though do to limitations with the Apple Developer Program, it can't be accessed publicly.

Ball Run was the basis for many future V0LT games, especially Cruze 6, which came out fairly soon after Ball Run. Using the things learned from Ball Run, Cruze 6 became a much more complex game, both in mechanics and visuals. In the end, Cruze 6 ended up being an overall failure, though was still more successful than Ball Run, earning a total of $5 in the first 6 months. Even though this value is seemingly insignificant, it lead to further development, and a handful of new releases, like the iPhysics Suite, Sand Architect, and Marble Mash.

As for the game itself, Ball Run had an extremely simple goal: To navigate your ball through the course to reach the finish. However, the extremely complex levels offered a plethora of different ways to accomplish this task. Each level was considerably longer than one would expect from a game of the genre, but this only amplified the available options to complete the course.

Jul 28 2019, 12:23 AM
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