For those who don't know...

I have used @Flote as my surfboard if you will, to operate my dba @Studio8424

I am in the business of Producing TV and Radio channels here, and promoting them through ads and my own ad network.


@STUDIO8424LRN the First Always-on #FloteCaster Official Internet affiliate of the #LibertyRadioNetwork and #FreeTalkLive. This channel started Always-on operations

Dec 30 2019.

My value adds are

-participation here on Flote generally, and

-providing live stream #FloteCasting support to users including cultivating other Always-on #FloteCasters.

-being in close contact with @Flote on behalf of myself and other users' in particularly as it relates to #FloteCasting

-concierge to #ExTubers new to Flote and developing strategies and methods to appear on platforms you have been banned, deleted or never had an account.

-in all ways supporting Absolute Free Speech and promoting Flote across all platforms to draw more here to the Flote.

-helping to assist official Flote support when called upon.

-promoting @Studio8424 in tandem with Flote as it develops to grow the business.

-other ideas as they come.

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