It's Been a Week of Millions! First LBRY, Then Splinterlands! (Plus Something Big Coming Today)

Hello there beautiful humans!

First, #LBRY cleared one million users, AND one million blocks on the blockchain, and literally the next day #Splinterlands clears one million transactions in a day... Then 1.5 million the next day, and now the average for the week is over 1 million per day.

Today, the #SPS #Airdrop launched. Day 1 of 365.

Things basically crashed for the Hive #blockchain because of the huge influx of transactions.

#Cointelegraph just covered it today... so you can only expect to see those numbers going up.

When I recorded this video 4 days ago, the official #Telegram group for Splinterlands was at 2,170 users. Currently 6,111 users.

As I mentioned at the end of the video, we're also releasing the first flyer, and ticket sales, for #VoicesOfLiberty today, so stay tuned!


The Hive post is full of hyperlinks: