Various Improved Privacy on V0LT

I finished a few changes to the V0LT website that should improve user privacy even more. The first change I made was fairly simple. I removed all JivoChat code. This was in part because it was rarely used, so having it installed wasn't really worth it. The second reason is that the JivoChat code loads tracking and analytics software from other sites, mainly Google, so removing it ensures the entire V0LT website is secure and private.

The second change made was to add the Widget as an optional setting. Upon investigation, Itch is the only remaining third party services that V0LT uses, but it contains Google trackers. As a result, I made it so by default, the Widget doesn't load, and instead shows a hyperlink to the Itch page. However, if you'd rather see the Itch Widget and don't really care about Google trackers, you can re-enable it from the settings of your account.

Dec 03 2019, 01:16 PM
Reply to @V0LTTech