Is it just me or have the masses gone completely mad? Like more than normal. So many people checking out with avoidant behaviours like too much drinking, smoking, eating, drug use, sex, porn, tv, consumerism, gambling. Whatever they can get their hands on really. Even a lot of the intelligent people can't even have a decent conversation without getting triggered and getting defensive.

How are we supposed to move forward when everyone is going backwards? They have us right where they want us, ignorant and intolerant. Ears wide shut. Everyone is an expert and knows everything already. No point in sharing any info with them. In my opinion the masses all have their blinders on and are running over a cliff at full speed. Right at a time where we need each other the most.

Women vs men, poor vs rich, left vs right, east vs west, socialist vs capitalist. The list goes on. Really there is only one true enemy and that is all who oppress the masses and control the wealth, the information, the narrative, politics, the food supply, the medical system. We should all be joining forces and rising up against the common enemy. But the masses have their blinders on and are too asleep to see what is happening and to checked out to be shown.

I'm afraid those of us that are aware are a dying breed. We are few. We must learn to work together and unite on our common threads. We are the last hope for the righteous to rise above the ignorance, greed, corruption, and evils that plague this world.

Curious CAT

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It is the end of decadence, as I see it, the end of empire, end of poli-ticians full of lies. There is in sight, a change afoot.

Time to grasp it with both hands, and make a better everything, for the many, not just the few!.

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