COVIDiot Antics #8 - Taking a Jab that GUARANTEES You are Getting Others Sick...

Well, it's good to be back with y'all for a moment. I've been pretty much bed-ridden for a week, after going out to Natural Grocers for their big anniversary sale. Best guess, I was shed on by one of the people who lined up to have their RNA altered by pedophiles & eugenicists.

I have to say I am absolutely mind-blown by how well this fraudulent, terroristic jab-selling campaign is being held together by nothing more than fear they whipped up back in early 2020.

Every single part of their covid narrative has been shown to be completely fraudulent - the fatality rate, the spread, the source, etc.

Now, the masses are out there getting others sick (as well as getting sterilized themselves) because they don't understand what shedding is. Big hint, there is NO vaccine that's ever been released that didn't increase the spread of disease.

Currently, the Bill Gates oral polio vaccine is the cause of all cases of polio on the planet.

Ever seen the chart of shingles infections/hospitalizations after the chickepox vaccine came out?

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