My Thoughts on Mandatory Masks and Covid

Waited a bit to gather my thoughts on this.

This is coming from me as someone who has a compromised immune system and disabled.

I think Covid is a bioweapon, based on the information I have. Times have CHANGED after they unleashed this plague onto us. People NEED to adapt now.

I'm looking into doing grocery deliveries now and my job is actually shut down for the rest of the year but truth be told, I shouldn't even be working anywhere but from home due to my hallucinations. I don't get freaked out by them and know they're not real but they are disorienting because it affects my vision. I have a disability employment agency that could help me find options to work from home now. There are always options to help people like me, at least in the USA, so if you know someone in the same situation you should tell them to look into programs. They're a pain in the ass of course; nothing is ever easy when you have to get help because your own body fails you.

If I catch Covid, there's around a 10% death rate for people with my auto immune conditions like mine.

All these people pissing their pants about masks and how others are being irresponsible: the world doesn't revolve around YOU.

YOU have to adapt to this crisis or else you're not going to survive. You can think they're irresponsible but you're not much better. If you are low income, play the system to get help as best as you are able to. The world as we used to know it has changed.

Aug 13 2020, 10:43 AM