BIG Change to @Abundance.Tribe Curation (Hive Blockchain)

Hello beautiful humans!

Today I'm excited to share exciting news about the Abundance.Tribe, and how our TribeVibes Curation Trail works :-)

As always, these percentages will be adjusting as we go, in an effort to keep the Voting Power at or above 80% at all times - to maximize rewards for creators and curation.


Original Blog Post:


Abundance.Tribe supports a wide range of creators - across all the medium you can imagine. Covering topics from health to technology, philosophy to crypto, parenting to alchemy, whatever part of the world you're trying to make a little better - this tribe has something for you.

To learn more about the hundreds of world-changing content creators we support, you can scroll through the tribe's following page, or check out the various communities that we support: NaturalMedicine, InformationWar / DeepDives, EcoTrain, CrossCulture, and LotusIndonesia (these are just the curation trails we follow - we actually delegate to half a dozen more Hive communities)


How to find support on Hive

Are you hoping to get noticed more, to earn more from your posts, to get more comments & interactions? One of the best things you can do is get out there and interact with others, especially through community prompts, giving thoughtful feedback to others, and getting into lively discussions. All of the communities above host various sorts of contests, weekly questions, and other ways to get connected & inspired.

Also, get your friends to join you on Hive! Follow each other, give each other feedback, recommend other creators you think they'll like, do feature posts about your friends and how awesome they are, etc. Cross-pollination is KEY!

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