Jonathan Ramirez: Subsistence and Survival in an Age of Instability

In an age of an increasing instability, we must begin to ask the question: "what are the most resilient farming and survival systems?" Drawing on wisdom from traditional subsistence cultures and from indigenous methods of survival, as well as drawing on new techniques from regenerative agriculture/forestry, we will examine the power of passive low tech solutions in our survival systems, as well as the need for diversity, redundancy, community, and collaboration. Our discussion will have insights for the novice grower as well as for the seasoned growers who would like to more deeply examine how their systems can become more resilient.

Jonathan Ramirez is a permaculture designer and practitioner just outside of Nashville Tennessee. He offers close to 15 years of experience in organic farming, subsistence farming, permaculture design, homesteading skills, survival skills, agroforestry, regenerative forestry, traditional carpentry, edible mushroom cultivation, wild foraging, livestock management, and more. He currently runs Thriving Earth Farm, a highly diverse 18 acre farm, where he and his family homestead, farm, and teach workshops in sustainable living. He believes that the path towards human freedom must involve reforging our direct and sacred human connection to the earth and to our own survival.

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