Reward: 500 HIVE for sending me Ivermectin

Ivermectin is very cheap, widely available without prescription in most of the world, safer than almost any other drug... and it stops Covid. It also treats 'long Covid' (post Covid), and many other viral, parasitic, and bacterial conditions. It is legal in Canada, but very difficult to find. I do not buy online, and do not have a smart device or bank account, so I can't get Ivermectin tablets directly. But many of my readers and viewers can easily get Ivermectin - for example, my friends in Venezuela can buy it at any corner store, for pennies. I have a mailbox... and currency. I'm very motivated to make this happen, so I am offering a bounty of 500 HIVE to the first person to send me some Ivermectin!

For details: