Always [Re]Search Before Making a Post to Ask

So, this is something that most of us who grew up on the internet got to learn very early on... but it seems obvious that the average person is more likely to pop into a chat group or forum, and not even scroll up one or two posts, before they start asking questions.

This particular video came prompted by spending a few days browsing the official #Telegram group for #Splinterlands (which has gained almost 400 members since I recorded this video yesterday.

If you pop into that group and take a look at the chat for a while, you'll notice that almost everyone who joins just immediately asks a questions, sometimes literally just a comment or two after the last time that question was asked & answered...

And really, it's mostly the same 3 questions being asked again & again. It seems like some #airdrop community started pushing SPS.

I felt a bit annoyed for grapthar, whose job it is to answer questions in that chat group, and was inspired to make this video :-)

Little hint: the magnifying glass 🔍 button on a forum, chat, etc. to search for your search terms.

You can also use tools like #presearch, #duckduckgo, and others, to search within any website for the terms you're looking for...

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