Splinterlands - Blockchain-Based Collectible Card Game w/NFTs, DeFi, Crypto-Per-Win, Guilds, Art Contests & More!

#Splinterlands has been running for a few years now, and I just keep being blown away by their advances, growth, and just how many elements they're rolling into the game.

Whether you want to play-to-earn, join a top-ranked guild and climb to the top of the leaderboards, earning epic rewards along the way... OR you want to invest a bunch of money and just sit back & watch it grow without playing the game, through renting cards, the SPS #airdrop, and the gradual value increase of #deflationary tokens...

Splinterlands has got you covered.

As someone who has played Magic: The Gathering for decades, and enjoyed dozens of other card games (both digital & physical), Splinterlands is definitely one of, if not the, most exciting.

It's so exciting to me because it's crypto-based, because it offers true e-sports like potential to any player, because it is so community-oriented, and much of the content community-sourced. It's exciting to me that things like pull rates are hard-coded in, and that with the launch of SPS, the game is only heading in a more community, co-created direction!


Too many hyperlinks & formatting for Flote; find the full write up on Hive: https://peakd.com/hive-167922/@kennyskitchen/splinterlands