Sunday is the final day to get your limited edition Cryptovegas & Anarchovegas merch... After that, the products will be memory-holed forever! Choose from 4 shirts and 2 hats and consider upgrading them with NFT authentication.

Since the conference wasn't allowed to proceed, so few of these have been sold, making them a rather rare collectors item!

Now IS the time to #FOMO.

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Cryptovegas & Anarchovegas may be canceled 😟 ...

But you can still rock the conference merch! 😁

Choose from 4 shirts & 2 hats at pre-sale pricing with free shipping. They will disappear on July 20th so now's the time to #FOMO over these limited edition items.

And don't forget to upgrade your order with an UnLtd. #NFT Authentication token. Since there is no conference, very few will be sold making these prime collector's items.

Get 'em here >>

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Now on LBRY!

D¢ENT REPORT Daily | e4

I think this may be my best show to-date. I definitely feel I am getting a lot more comfortable speaking to the camera.

Please share your thoughts, and go leave your .02¢ in the comments of the articles I covered (or any articles for that matter.) AND don't forget to participate in our new polling feature!

#crypto #bitcoin #freedom #nft #alttech

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What to do......

We were so sad to hear the #cryptovegas and #anarchovegas conferences were cancelled due to the #plandemic. We worked with @erin to come on board as the event's merch crew and created a whole line of awesome original apparel for the event.

We are considering still selling these items online until the 19th... When the event was supposed to take place. Merch for "the conference that never was" could make for an inte...

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DoxxxCARDS pre-roll out now!

Get a DoxxxCARD to send as a prank/joke #Doxxx! Each card comes has a 100% faux human in the #NFT image, real location (also in image), possibly real SSN & DOB.

Grab your #DoxxxCARD at

Getting one now is considered "Pre-Roll" & are 100% 1-of-a-kind by-human-hand & algorithmically created. Getting a Pre-Roll will help me obtain the Rarible & OpenOcean Storefronts.

Buying a DoxxxCARD is...

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Jun 28 2020, 04:16 PM