Five days to tell George Christensen’s committee we need a national bank!

Submissions to the Inquiry into Diversifying Australia's Trade and Investment Profile, being conducted by Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment Growth, close on Friday 31 July. If you haven’t yet made a submission, you have two days to tell the inquiry that the solution to having more diversity in trade and investment ...

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Portland Oregon & The Litmus Test For Civil War - “WILL YOU SHOOT AMERICANS?” They PREPARED For This!!!

Federal Agents in Portland are scooping people up off the streets and taking them away in unmarked vans and I know it sounds like a nightmare futuristic movie but unfortunately that’s where we’re at run 2020. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on Friday filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and U.S. Marshals Service after they deployed agents to quell demonstrations in Portland, ...

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Non sono nemmeno sicuro che sia un vero virus - dubito che QUALUNQUE sia stato effettivamente testato per verificarlo. Da quello che sto ascoltando, stanno solo etichettando le persone con coronavirus dai soli sintomi.


Spegni i tuoi televisori: sono tutte cazzate.

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Chissà? Non attribuisco NESSUN peso alla GESTIONE federale della droga, ...

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I11UMINATI Calls Docked Ore Fauci. If you do anything online, you can be located within an inch of where you sit. That’s how real #Qanon was ID’d.

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În 2008, B.A. Brooks, un regizor specializat între timp la New York Film Academy în crearea de filme digitale, îşi lansa primul documentar realizat în exclusivitate din videoclipuri descărcate de pe Youtube, tehnică de care s-a folosit cu brio şi în realizarea filmului de faţă, Global Eugenics - Using Medicine to Kill, din 2009, care, în peste două ore de filmări, şi-a putut permite trateze o gamă extrem de lar...

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