In 2021, we started Take Back Our Tech (TBOT) because we knew a war was being fought on the frontlines of the internet. Unfortunately, 90% of the current population are unprepared for what lies ahead and rely on abusive software services and companies to communicate. Take Back Your Tech is aimed to change that. We educate our users on friendly software that is free and open source, but more importantly does not spy on them. Connecting friendly & aware users with friendly developers creates an ecosystem needed for friendly people to survive. When we grow large enough, we will put pressure on the control grid that abusive software companies have created and make it hard for them to continue collecting information on us. We've taken care to design the site so that it uses completely self-hosted solutions (except payment processing), and doesn't leak our readers' information. You may sign up to our newsletter anonymously, and all the content will be free forever. Our connection is sacred. #TakeBackOurTech