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Unmodified Living Soul, Truth Miner, Songwriter, Guitarist, Craftsman. My music page is @driftwoodscavenger ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Praying for the death of all who commit crimes against humanity. - The Hague For Christof Fell off the merry-go-round over 10 years ago and never got back on. Live within your means. Life can be simple.... I avoid over used, hijacked labels but as I observe the compromise, inconsistencies and half baked principles of some claiming to be this or that, I boldly say I am an Anarchist living as much as possible as an Agorist among deeply entrenched statists. To Be Clear: In a world where history is re-written and words are strategically hijacked and redefined it is necessary to define terms. As a Voluntaryist or Anarchist, I DO NOT practice or promote violence. I practice and promote self ownership and freedom to live unmolested by the state or any government or agency that operates under the delusion of authority and does not represent me. I respect the lives, property, privacy, peace and freedom of individuals and expect the same. Principle over outcome. Integrity and principle are lost in this shit show statist society. ...Oh, and Nuance. Whatever happened to nuance? Background image from